NXT Results-October 22nd,2022 (Halloween Havoc)*

Vic sends us to video from last night with Alba Fyre challenging NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose to meet her at a haunted trail and haunted house. We also see Kickoff pre-show video of Rose accepting the challenge, and telling Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin of her plan to find Fyre and bring her back to the ring. We then see them leaving in the Toxic Attraction SUV to go meet Fyre. We see Toxic Attraction arriving to the haunted house in their SUV now. Mandy tells them to not be so dramatic, they鈥檙e just going to find Alba and drag her back to the car. Jayne says she鈥檚 staying in the car after what happened Tuesday. Dolin is ready to go. Rose talks Jayne into coming. They get out with flashlights and go hunting for Fyre, but Jayne is spooked. They encounter a few spooky characters before coming to a haunted house, which we鈥檝e seen before. Jayne wants to go back to the car but Rose and Dolin tell her to enter the house with them. They finally decide to split up, and Jayne is terrified, apologizing to Fyre for what she鈥檚 done.

Jayne is eventually attacked and her screams are heard by Dolin in another part of the house. She encounters Chucky and a few others dressed in horror costumes. Fyre catches her and slams her face into a stove. Fyre beats Dolin up now but Dolin is fighting back. A character with butcher knifes scares Dolin from a refrigerator. Fyre attacks and shuts Dolin inside of the fridge. We see Rose hunting Fyre now. Fyre finally catches up to Rose and they start fighting. Fyre swings her baseball bat but Rose dodges it. Rose has a bat of her own. She lifts it to swing again but a character with a pumpkin head grabs it and stops her. Fyre fights Rose and takes control now. Another spooky character yells at Rose and stops her. Fyre decks Rose and carries her to the outside. Dolin and Jayne crawl to try and stop Fyre but she takes them out with the bat. Fyre tosses Rose into her ride, then drives away.

We see Alba Fyre riding with Mandy Rose tied up in her car, on the way to the arena.

The camera cuts backstage to the ambulance driving away with the sirens on, Kemp in the back. The Toxic Attraction white SUV pulls up with Alba Fyre driving. She kicks NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose out, and starts beating her around the parking lot, towards the front door of the WWE Performance Center. Rose fights back and retreats into the font door, but Fyre stalks her in. We go back to the announcers but here comes Fyre unloading on Rose, making their way to the ring.

The bell rings as Alba Fyre starts chopping away on Unified NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose. Fyre unloads in the corner and backs off as the referee warns her. Rose turns it around and beats Fyre down in the corner. Fyre counters and drops Rose with a DDT for 2.

Rose keeps control and works Fyre over against the announce table now. Fyre fights back but Rose keeps control, ramming her against the edge of the apron now. Rose brings it back into the ring and rams Fyre in the corner. Rose runs the ring with another big shoulder thrust in the corner. Rose with a fall-away slam for a 2 count.

Rose keeps Fyre down and kicks her in the back. Rose takes it to the corner and stomps away, then stops to pose for cheers and boos from the crowd. Rose chokes Fyre with the bottom rope as the referee counts and warns her. Fyre mounts some offense as fans do dueling chants. Fyre takes Rose down but she also lands hard and now both are down. They both get up and trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Fyre with a superkick, then she slams Rose face-first into the mat.

Fyre with kicks while Rose is on her knees now. Fyre charges but Rose catches her with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Rose folds Fyre up but she kicks out at 2. Rose goes for the double underhook in the middle of the ring but Fyre counters and nails a sitdown powerbomb for another close 2 count. Fyre quickly goes to the top for a Swanton Bomb and she nails it. Rose kicks out just in time as Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne pull the referee to the floor.

The referee is knocked out onto Dolin and Jayne now with an accidental superkick from the ring. Fyre headbutts Rose and nails a Gory Bomb in the middle of the ring. Fyre covers for the pin but the referee is laid out at ringside. The fans count past 10.

Fyre tries to wake the referee up, and she rolls him back in. Dolin and Jayne drop Fyre at ringside with a big double team. They roll Fyre back into the ring, but Rose meets her with a Kiss By The Rose knee for the pin to win, despite the hurt referee counting slow.

After the match, Rose sits up and recovers as her music hits. Dolin and Jayne help Rose out of the ring, bringing her the title belt, as we go to replays. Toxic Attraction stands tall at the entrance-way while Fyre looks on from the ring.

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NXT Results:October 18th,2022*

Deville came out with Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne by her side, but no Mandy Rose in sight, at least not yet.

The match didn鈥檛 go long, with a quick back-and-forth that saw Fyre deal with Toxic Attraction getting involved, her fighting them off, and then rolling up Deville for the win.

Fyre def. Deville via pinfall

After, the numbers game caught up and Alba was overwhelmed. Then, over the loudspeakers, the theme hit and Rose made her return. She had a mic and said she鈥檚 gonna fight Fyre with fire and she plans to be more callous, more vicious, and more ruthless. As she was saying this, Fyre was singlehandedly fighting off the three women in the ring. Mandy just kept powering through. Once the ring was clear, Mandy got in but Alba had a baseball bat and kept her at bay.

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NXT 2.0 Results-March 22nd,2022*

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray are making their entrances now. We see Toxic Attraction (NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose, NXT Women鈥檚 Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) watching from up in the Toxic Lounge. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor as the bell rings. Choo starts off with Shirai as the bell hits and they go at it. Shirai takes Choo down but Choo poses and waves, confusing Shirai. Shirai attacks again and in comes KLR for a double team.

KLR covers for 2. Choo works KLR over but KLR fights out of the corner. Choo sweeps KLR and pins her with a unique pin for 2. Kai tags in and they double team KLR in the corner, slamming her back into the turnbuckles. The double team continues and Kai covers for 2. More back and forth between KLR and Kai now as Toxic Attraction looks on.

Shirai tags in as KLR drops Kai into position for 619. Shirai goes for 619 but Choo protects Kai with her pillow. Shirai takes Choo out and then launches KLR to the floor. Choo checks on Kai after the hard landing. Shirai launches KLR out to the floor and she takes Choo down. Shirai then runs the ropes and flies out, taking Kai down against the announce table. Toxic Attraction looks like they were impressed and a bit concerned at the two dives. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Choo is mounting offense on KLR. Choo drops her unique Nap Time elbow for a close 2 count. Choo and KLR tangle and Choo sends KLR into Shirai to knock her off the apron. Choo with a 2 count. Choo takes KLR to the top as she tags Kai in. Shirai runs over and pulls them both off KLR in the corner. Kai comes back and nails KLR with a big boot as Choo sends Shirai to the floor. Kai and Choo double team KLR in the corner. Kai slams KLR for a close 2 count. KLR fights off Kai鈥檚 shoulders. Kai runs into an elbow.

Shirai comes in and plants Kai face-first into the mat after decking Choo off the apron. Shirai with 619 to Kai. KLR comes in and flies off the top to level Kai for a close 2 count as Choo makes the save just in time. Kai blocks the KLR Bomb, then drops KLR on her head. Kai goes to the top and Choo tags herself in. Kai with a Coup de Grace on KLR. Choo follows up with a splash for the pin but Shirai breaks it up just in time, flying in out of nowhere.

Fans chant 鈥渢his is awesome!鈥 now as all four competitors are down. Shirai blocks a kick from Kai and plants her with a backbreaker. Choo slams Shirai. Choo grabs KLR but KLR headbutts her. KLR with the KLR Bomb to Choo. Shirai tags in and goes to the top for her signature moonsault to Choo. Shirai covers for the pin to win while KLR stops Kai from rushing back in.

Winners of the 2022 NXT Women鈥檚 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray

鈥 After the match, Shirai鈥檚 music hits as she and KLR celebrate in the middle of the ring. Toxic Attraction stands up and looks on from the Toxic Lounge as we go to replays. The confetti falls from the ceiling as Shirai and KLR stand tall in the ring with the Dusty Classic trophy. Toxic Attraction enters the ring now. Rose calls for the music to be cut because she has something to say. She congratulates Shirai and KLR on their win, and says Choo and Kai blew it. Rose says if Shirai and KLR think they鈥檙e going to beat Gigi and Jayce to become the new champs, they鈥檙e sadly mistaken. KLR says they had one thing in mind when they got into the tournament 鈥 to destroy Toxic Attraction and the best way to do that is to go after the leader and take what鈥檚 most important to her. Shirai brings up how Rose says she鈥檇 fight any woman for the title. KLR says she and Shirai are gong to cash in their tag team title shot but instead they鈥檙e going to make the NXT Women鈥檚 Title match at Stand & Deliver a Fatal 4 Way with Cora Jade. Toxic Attraction beats Shirai and KLR down now. Jade runs down to make the save. Jade, Shirai and KLR clear the ring as fans cheer them on, sending Toxic Attraction to the floor. Jade鈥檚 music starts up while the babyfaces and the heels face off as NXT goes off the air.
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NXT 2.0 Results:January 25th,2022*

We go back to the ring and out comes Toxic Attraction 鈥 NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose and NXT Women鈥檚 Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. They head to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Legado del Fantasma is backstage with McKenzie. She asks why Santos Escobar didn鈥檛 accept NXT Champion Bron Breakker鈥檚 challenge to come back and fight. Raul Mendoza rants in Spanish. Santos says Bron needs to find out what happens when you disrespect Legado del Fantasma, and he will get what he has coming to him. Santos says Bron has to fight Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde one way or the other, and he likely won鈥檛 be able to find a partner since he鈥檚 the champ and no one likes him. They taunt Bron some more and say they are staying a little longer tonight. They walk off and we go back to the ring to Kay Lee Ray wrapping her entrance, baseball bat in hand. Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell are also out in the ring.

Persia and Rose start things off. KLR wants Rose but Rose wants Persia to stay in. KLR tags in but Rose tags put, bringing Jayne in. KLR and Jayne look to go at it but in comes Indi to start. Indi drops Jayne for a quick pin attempt. Jayne fights Indi off and nails a running knee. Jayne works Indi over in the corner and Dolin tags in to take over. Hartwell counters and rolls Dolin up for 2. Dolin keeps control in the corner now, tagging in Rose. Rose with a big suplex to Indi and some showing off.

Rose with a cheap shot to KLR on the apron. Indi takes advantage and rolls Rose up for a 2 count. Indi tags in Persia for a big double team on Rose. Rose kicks out at 2. KLR begs to be tagged in but Rose runs away from her. KLR ends up getting some offense in on Rose and sending her to the floor. Toxic Attraction argues with Pirotta and Hartwell at ringside now. KLR leaps from the top and takes out Toxic Attraction at ringside for a big pop. KLR and Jayne go at it in the ring now. Pirotta tags back in and stomps away on Jayne in the corner. Indi tags in and takes over. Jayne turns it around but runs into a big boot. Toxic Attraction with cheap shots to Indi while the referee is distracted. Jayne follows up with more offense, then a senton for a 2 count. Dolin tags back in and keeps the offense going on Hartwell. Dolin kicks Hartwell in the face several times. They make more quick tags to keep Indi in their corner. Rose works Indi over now, dropping her in the middle of the ring.

Rose knocks KLR off the apron with another cheap shot. Indi takes advantage and catches Rose with a sidewalk slam. Jayne runs in and stops Indi from tagging. Persia looks to tag but Rose yanks her off the apron. Dolin tags in and unloads with more kicks to Indi for another close 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rose is working Indi over some more. Jayne tags in and keeps control. Jayne with a neckbreaker for another close 2 count. Jayne shows frustration now, yelling at Indi. Indi goes at it with Jayne and finally drops her. Dolin and Persia tag in and Persia runs wild with offense. Persia launches Dolin into the turnbuckle, then hits a big German suplex for a 2 count as Jayne makes the save. Indi with a Spinebuster to Jayne.

Rose runs in with a big knee to Indi. KLR comes in and decks Rose. KLR grabs her bat and stalks Rose in the ring with it now, backing her against the ropes. Rose scrambles to the floor but KLR follows. She swings the bat and hits the ring post as Rose dodges it. KLR stalks Rose around the ring and misses another bat shot.

KLR and Rose disappear into the backstage area now. Pirotta rocks Dolin and goes fore a big suplex but Dolin counters with a roll-up for 2. Persia comes right back with a big boot to Dolin. Persia scoops Dolin to her shoulders and plants her face-first in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.
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NXT 2.0 Results:Janaury 11,2022*

Back from the break and we see video of NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose at a pool-side photo shoot. She brags about her win at New Year鈥檚 Evil and how hot she is, telling everyone to keep staring because she knows you will.

Back from the break and we see NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose at another photo shoot. She brags about Toxic Attraction, then we hear from NXT Women鈥檚 Tag Team Champions Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin, who continue bragging about how the thirst has been extra high for them, and how no one else in the NXT women鈥檚 division can compete.

Back from the break and Kay Lee Ray shows up to Mandy Rose鈥檚 photo shoot but the photographer says it鈥檚 already done. KLR says Rose can show up for photo shoots, but not title defenses. KLR starts destroying the photo shoot set with her baseball bat, then knocks the camera off the tripod. She sarcastically says she鈥檚 sorry, then walks off.

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NXT 2.0 Results:January 4th,2022*

We see a helicopter arriving at the Capitol Wrestling Centre and it鈥檚 the NXT Women鈥檚 Champion, Mandy Rose. She says this is how the Champion arrives. Her match is up next!

The bell rings and Gonzalez dashes across the ring and boots Cora Jade in the face. Gonzalez attacks Rose as well, then lifts Cora and drops her on the top rope. Rose hits Raquel with a knee and knocks her from the ring. Jade catches Mandy with a rope-assisted tilt-a-whirl headscissors and she rolls from the ring. She tries the same thing on Gonzalez but she鈥檚 too strong.

Jade knocks Raquel out of the ring and wants a suicide dive but Rose drags her out of the ring. Rose forearms Jade and runs her backwards into the apron. Raquel then drops Rose with a big boot but Jade knocks her down with a kick. Jade wastes time posing and Rose slings her backwards into the steel steps. Rose gets Jade inside and pins but Raquel drags Cora out of the ring.Rose goes out and shoves Gonzalez into the steps, the gets back inside and lifts Cora, who rolls her up for a two-count. Gonzalez returns and puts Jade on the top rope and punches her a few times. Raquel lifts Mandy and runs her into Cora, then gets both women on her shoulders and hits a Samoan drop. Both women roll from the ring and Gonzalez can鈥檛 make the pinfall.

We return to see Jade hit a sunset flip on Mandy for a two-count. Rose fires back with a lariat for a two-count of her own. Gonzalez body slams Rose, then whips her towards Jade who kicks her. Cora catches Raquel with a headscissors, then hits Mandy with a Frankensteiner. Cora connects with a leaping knee to Raquel against the ropes but Gonzalez counters a bulldog with a backbreaker.

Raquel lifts Jade and military presses her over the ropes and Mandy narrowly avoided being landed on. Raquel tells Mandy to get back in the ring but Rose starts running away. Raquel chases after and brings Mandy back down to the ring. Rose starts begging for forgiveness and mercy but Gonzalez isn鈥檛 interested. A clothesline is followed by a forearm to the chest but Rose rolls from the ring.

Raquel gets Rose back in but as she comes through the ropes she gets caught with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Rose talks trash to Gonzalez but misses a running knee. Raquel grabs her for the Chingona Bomb and covers but Jade comes off the top rope with a senton to the back of Raquel to break it up. Jade laughs as Raquel looks furious.

Gonzalez angrily puts Cora on the top rope and forearms her. Raquel looks for a superplex but Jade slips through her legs and shoves her off to the floor. Jade and Mandy are alone in the ring and Cora attempts a roll-up but Mandy counters with one of her own and gets the pinfall to retain!


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NXT Results:November 23rd,2021*

Toxic Attraction arrived, walking with an unstable Dakota Kai. The group walked past a pile of destruction left by Kay Lee Ray, making fun of it all. Cora Jade told Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark to go find a fourth while she fought Mandy Rose.

While the NXT women’s champion dominated Jade early, she could not put her away. KLR arrived to distract God’s Greatest Creation, allowing Jade to stack her up for a shocking three count.

Backstage, Jade, Gonzalez, Shirai and Stark celebrated. KLR walked up and added herself to their team.


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NXT Results:November 2nd,2021*

Mandy Rose talked herself up as the new NXT women’s champion. She then celebrated the victory of Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. The other members of Toxic Attraction were backstage, laying out Zoey Stark, which set off Io Shirai.

The Genius of the Sky walked out to challenge Rose. The champion attacked Shirai, targeting her injured back after the ladder match at NXT Halloween Havoc. As Rose gloated, Shirai suplexed her into the corner to set up a moonsault. Dolin and Jayne arrived to save the champion.

Toxic Attraction beat down Shirai until Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter evened the odds, sending the heels running. Rose found Dakota Kai backstage, who stated she was only focused on ending Raquel Gonzalez.

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NXT Results:October 26th,2021*

Raquel Gonzalez came out on her motorcycle and spun the wheel. She got Chucky’s Choice, and he decided to make this match a Trick or Street Fight.

God’s Greatest Creation pulled out a kendo stick early that she used to batter Big Mami Cool. She even trapped her in a chair with the stick before hitting a bicycle knee. Rose also sent Gonzalez hard into steel steps to nearly take a win.

The NXT women’s champion responded back by bashing Rose’s face hard into a trio of steel chairs in the corner. She speared Rose through a corner table for a nearfall. As Gonzalez prepared to finish it, she was smacked in the back with a shovel by a mysterious figure.

This set her up to stumble into a bicycle knee that gave Rose the biggest win of her career. The mysterious figure then revealed herself to be Dakota Kai.

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NXT Results:October 5th,2021*

We go right to the ring and out first comes Toxic Attraction 鈥 Mandy Rose with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Out next comes Ember Moon as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

The bell rings and they go at it. Rose applies a headlock and they trade holds. Moon drops Rose in the middle of the ring first. Rose comes back and rocks Moon in the face with a right hand, then talks some trash. A furious Moon fights back and unloads as fans do dueling chants. Moon turns Rose upside down in the corner and works her over. Dolin and Jayne pull Rose to safety as fans boo. Moon runs the ropes for a suicide dive, landing hard on Jayne at ringside for a big pop as Jayne took the dive for Rose.

Moon grabs Rose and powerbombs her on the edge of the apron. Moon goes over and shoves Dolin down on the ramp as Dolin tends to Jayne. Moon comes back in but Rose takes advantage and levels her. Rose with a big overhead suplex for a 2 count. Rose works Moon over in the corner now. Rose takes Moon down with a body scissors now.

Fans do dueling chants as Rose applies an abdominal stretch now. Moon finally gets free and slams Rose to the mat. Moon with a discus forearm, then an enziguri to put Rose right back down. Moon goes to the top and delivers a double knees.

Moon mounts more offense and goes back to the top for The Eclipse but she has to roll through. Rose comes right back with a big boot to knock Moon鈥檚 head off. Rose covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

Back from the break and we get a vignette with The Diamond Mine. Malcolm Bivens hypes up each member and gives some background information on them 鈥 NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong, The Creed Brothers, Ivy Nile, and coach Hachiman. We go back to the ring and Samantha Irvin is interviewing Gonzalez. Irvin says the world has been buzzing about Toxic Attraction, and asks about last week鈥檚 beatdown on Gonzalez. Gonzalez says message received. She asks Mandy Rose if they know who they attacked. Gonzalez says Toxic Attraction has been in the headlines for a few weeks but she鈥檚 been dominating the division for a year. Gonzalez goes on about how she will take care of Rose and put her in a body cast if she touches her title again. Gonzalez goes to address Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne but the music interrupts and out comes Toxic Attraction.

Rose tells Gonzalez to stop. She used to admire the strength, tenacity and everything else about Gonzalez but now she鈥檚 just coming off desperate. Fans gave Rose the 鈥淲hat!?鈥 treatment and she yelled at them, threatening them if it keeps up. Rose says Gonzalez is coming off as someone who knows their title reign is coming to an end. Rose says Toxic Attraction is taking over and there鈥檚 nothing Gonzalez can do about it. Dolin speaks next about how they鈥檙e all championship material, and Gonzalez can鈥檛 help but stare in awe. Gonzalez says she can鈥檛 help but stare at the 6 staples in Dolin鈥檚 head from when she bashed her with the title. Dolin wants to fight and she goes to ringside on the other side of the ring. Jayne speaks next and taunts Gonzalez. Jayne goes on about how they鈥檙e all over WWE, the new faces of NXT 2.0, and soon they will hold all the women鈥檚 gold in NXT. Jayne says they鈥檙e not just Toxic Attraction, they鈥檙e THE attraction. They surround the ring again. Rose says it鈥檚 time to have some fun. They go to attack Gonzalez but NXT Women鈥檚 Tag Team Champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark storm the ring to stand with Gonzalez. The two sides yell at each other but Toxic Attraction jumps down off the apron and backs away as fans boo.

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