SmackDown Results:June 5th,2020*

An irate Corbin charged at Otis to get the match going, taking the fight to Mr. Money in the Bank and the action over with a ringside assault. Mid-match, after Otis had begun his comeback, Corbin went to ringside and grabbed the crown Otis had stolen earlier backstage. He then grabbed a steel chair and used it on Otis, drawing the disqualification. The move didn’t get Corbin off the hook, however, as Otis laid him out in the ring and hit the Caterpillar before celebrating in the ring with Rose. Keeping Otis on TV is important given his status as the briefcase holder, but WWE could have just given him the clean win here since Corbin ended up on the losing end of everything anyway

Mandy Rose appeared on the ‘Tron to provide a distraction, causing Deville to turn into a Woman’s Right from Evans for the pin. Evans and Deville have very good in-ring chemistry as a pair of bruisers, but the cheap ending felt like it derailed everything they’d been building in this match.

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