Monday Night Results:January 25th,2021*

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke hit the ring to fend off the heels until Lacey Evans joined the fray, an all-out brawl leading into the commercial break.

Predictably, a Six-Woman Tag Team Match ensued following the timeout.

Flair and Baszler paired off briefly before the fight spilled to the floor. Then, referee John Cone called for the bell, stating the latter did not beat the count back into the ring. He awarded the contest to the babyfaces.

WWE official Adam Pearce restarted the match during the break.

Jax downed Brooke, wearing her out with a modified cobra clutch. Brooke fought her way back into the match and made the tag to Rose. The Golden Goddess laid out Evans while Flair flattened Baszler with a spear.

Brooke continued her gutsy fight with Jax, only for The Irresistible Force to deliver a choke bomb and leg drop for the pin-fall victory.

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