NXT Results:October 26th,2021*

Raquel Gonzalez came out on her motorcycle and spun the wheel. She got Chucky’s Choice, and he decided to make this match a Trick or Street Fight.

God’s Greatest Creation pulled out a kendo stick early that she used to batter Big Mami Cool. She even trapped her in a chair with the stick before hitting a bicycle knee. Rose also sent Gonzalez hard into steel steps to nearly take a win.

The NXT women’s champion responded back by bashing Rose’s face hard into a trio of steel chairs in the corner. She speared Rose through a corner table for a nearfall. As Gonzalez prepared to finish it, she was smacked in the back with a shovel by a mysterious figure.

This set her up to stumble into a bicycle knee that gave Rose the biggest win of her career. The mysterious figure then revealed herself to be Dakota Kai.

Screen Captures


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