NXT 2.0 Results:January 4th,2022*

We see a helicopter arriving at the Capitol Wrestling Centre and it鈥檚 the NXT Women鈥檚 Champion, Mandy Rose. She says this is how the Champion arrives. Her match is up next!

The bell rings and Gonzalez dashes across the ring and boots Cora Jade in the face. Gonzalez attacks Rose as well, then lifts Cora and drops her on the top rope. Rose hits Raquel with a knee and knocks her from the ring. Jade catches Mandy with a rope-assisted tilt-a-whirl headscissors and she rolls from the ring. She tries the same thing on Gonzalez but she鈥檚 too strong.

Jade knocks Raquel out of the ring and wants a suicide dive but Rose drags her out of the ring. Rose forearms Jade and runs her backwards into the apron. Raquel then drops Rose with a big boot but Jade knocks her down with a kick. Jade wastes time posing and Rose slings her backwards into the steel steps. Rose gets Jade inside and pins but Raquel drags Cora out of the ring.Rose goes out and shoves Gonzalez into the steps, the gets back inside and lifts Cora, who rolls her up for a two-count. Gonzalez returns and puts Jade on the top rope and punches her a few times. Raquel lifts Mandy and runs her into Cora, then gets both women on her shoulders and hits a Samoan drop. Both women roll from the ring and Gonzalez can鈥檛 make the pinfall.

We return to see Jade hit a sunset flip on Mandy for a two-count. Rose fires back with a lariat for a two-count of her own. Gonzalez body slams Rose, then whips her towards Jade who kicks her. Cora catches Raquel with a headscissors, then hits Mandy with a Frankensteiner. Cora connects with a leaping knee to Raquel against the ropes but Gonzalez counters a bulldog with a backbreaker.

Raquel lifts Jade and military presses her over the ropes and Mandy narrowly avoided being landed on. Raquel tells Mandy to get back in the ring but Rose starts running away. Raquel chases after and brings Mandy back down to the ring. Rose starts begging for forgiveness and mercy but Gonzalez isn鈥檛 interested. A clothesline is followed by a forearm to the chest but Rose rolls from the ring.

Raquel gets Rose back in but as she comes through the ropes she gets caught with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Rose talks trash to Gonzalez but misses a running knee. Raquel grabs her for the Chingona Bomb and covers but Jade comes off the top rope with a senton to the back of Raquel to break it up. Jade laughs as Raquel looks furious.

Gonzalez angrily puts Cora on the top rope and forearms her. Raquel looks for a superplex but Jade slips through her legs and shoves her off to the floor. Jade and Mandy are alone in the ring and Cora attempts a roll-up but Mandy counters with one of her own and gets the pinfall to retain!


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