NXT Results-October 22nd,2022 (Halloween Havoc)*

Vic sends us to video from last night with Alba Fyre challenging NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose to meet her at a haunted trail and haunted house. We also see Kickoff pre-show video of Rose accepting the challenge, and telling Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin of her plan to find Fyre and bring her back to the ring. We then see them leaving in the Toxic Attraction SUV to go meet Fyre. We see Toxic Attraction arriving to the haunted house in their SUV now. Mandy tells them to not be so dramatic, they鈥檙e just going to find Alba and drag her back to the car. Jayne says she鈥檚 staying in the car after what happened Tuesday. Dolin is ready to go. Rose talks Jayne into coming. They get out with flashlights and go hunting for Fyre, but Jayne is spooked. They encounter a few spooky characters before coming to a haunted house, which we鈥檝e seen before. Jayne wants to go back to the car but Rose and Dolin tell her to enter the house with them. They finally decide to split up, and Jayne is terrified, apologizing to Fyre for what she鈥檚 done.

Jayne is eventually attacked and her screams are heard by Dolin in another part of the house. She encounters Chucky and a few others dressed in horror costumes. Fyre catches her and slams her face into a stove. Fyre beats Dolin up now but Dolin is fighting back. A character with butcher knifes scares Dolin from a refrigerator. Fyre attacks and shuts Dolin inside of the fridge. We see Rose hunting Fyre now. Fyre finally catches up to Rose and they start fighting. Fyre swings her baseball bat but Rose dodges it. Rose has a bat of her own. She lifts it to swing again but a character with a pumpkin head grabs it and stops her. Fyre fights Rose and takes control now. Another spooky character yells at Rose and stops her. Fyre decks Rose and carries her to the outside. Dolin and Jayne crawl to try and stop Fyre but she takes them out with the bat. Fyre tosses Rose into her ride, then drives away.

We see Alba Fyre riding with Mandy Rose tied up in her car, on the way to the arena.

The camera cuts backstage to the ambulance driving away with the sirens on, Kemp in the back. The Toxic Attraction white SUV pulls up with Alba Fyre driving. She kicks NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose out, and starts beating her around the parking lot, towards the front door of the WWE Performance Center. Rose fights back and retreats into the font door, but Fyre stalks her in. We go back to the announcers but here comes Fyre unloading on Rose, making their way to the ring.

The bell rings as Alba Fyre starts chopping away on Unified NXT Women鈥檚 Champion Mandy Rose. Fyre unloads in the corner and backs off as the referee warns her. Rose turns it around and beats Fyre down in the corner. Fyre counters and drops Rose with a DDT for 2.

Rose keeps control and works Fyre over against the announce table now. Fyre fights back but Rose keeps control, ramming her against the edge of the apron now. Rose brings it back into the ring and rams Fyre in the corner. Rose runs the ring with another big shoulder thrust in the corner. Rose with a fall-away slam for a 2 count.

Rose keeps Fyre down and kicks her in the back. Rose takes it to the corner and stomps away, then stops to pose for cheers and boos from the crowd. Rose chokes Fyre with the bottom rope as the referee counts and warns her. Fyre mounts some offense as fans do dueling chants. Fyre takes Rose down but she also lands hard and now both are down. They both get up and trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Fyre with a superkick, then she slams Rose face-first into the mat.

Fyre with kicks while Rose is on her knees now. Fyre charges but Rose catches her with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Rose folds Fyre up but she kicks out at 2. Rose goes for the double underhook in the middle of the ring but Fyre counters and nails a sitdown powerbomb for another close 2 count. Fyre quickly goes to the top for a Swanton Bomb and she nails it. Rose kicks out just in time as Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne pull the referee to the floor.

The referee is knocked out onto Dolin and Jayne now with an accidental superkick from the ring. Fyre headbutts Rose and nails a Gory Bomb in the middle of the ring. Fyre covers for the pin but the referee is laid out at ringside. The fans count past 10.

Fyre tries to wake the referee up, and she rolls him back in. Dolin and Jayne drop Fyre at ringside with a big double team. They roll Fyre back into the ring, but Rose meets her with a Kiss By The Rose knee for the pin to win, despite the hurt referee counting slow.

After the match, Rose sits up and recovers as her music hits. Dolin and Jayne help Rose out of the ring, bringing her the title belt, as we go to replays. Toxic Attraction stands tall at the entrance-way while Fyre looks on from the ring.

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