SmackDown Results:August 7th,2020*

The Dirt Sheet was back on SmackDown with Miz and Morrison and the Guest was Sonya Deville. The mics kept cutting out just like on RAW before they introduced Mandy’s Hair as a special guest! It was a wig-puppet with googly eyes and Miz & Morrison were voicing it.

They finally called Deville out and she was trashing on Mandy, saying that she was pathetic and Miz reminded us that no one has heard from Rose since the attack. They kept making fun of Mandy and Otis before Heavy Machinery came out and attacked Miz & Morrison.

Miz sent Tucker into the barricades and Otis into the steel steps when Mandy Rose came out to attack Sonya Deville.

The match was called off and the two teams tried to separate them. We headed for another break on SmackDown as Otis and Tucker managed to take Mandy out of the ring and away from Deville.

The two groups were still quarreling backstage when we returned to SmackDown and the lights went out before the Retribution took over the ring, carrying baseball bats and attacked everyone in sight, including the NXT Superstars in the audience.

Screen Captures


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