SummerSlam Results:August 23rd,2020*

The single best feud in all of WWE in 2020 culminated Sunday night in a No Disqualification, Loser Leaves WWE match as former teammates and friends Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville waged an emotional and physical war.

Rose struck first, delivered a spine-crushing suplex on the entrance ramp. She drove Deville into the guardrail and followed with a flying clothesline off the announce table. The Golden Goddess set a table up at ringside but her rival blasted her with a chair to the midsection and seized control of the bout.

Rose fired off some hard rights but Deville applied a dragon sleeper, complete with a leg scissors as she sought a submission win. Rose fought through it, then countered a triangle into a roll-up for two.

Rose answered trash talking with a renewed ferocity, hammering away at Deville and setting her up on the table. The Pride Fighter rolled off, though, and narrowly dodged a steel chair to the face. She followed with a pump kick to the face, laying The Golden Goddess out on the floor.

Rose delivered the running knee and followed with a second鈥nd a third. The double underhook facebuster and a fourth knee to the face earned Rose the hard-fought victory.

Disbelief set in as Deville threw a tantrum at ringside, slamming her own head into the commentary table. Meanwhile, Otis hit the ring and celebrated with his on-screen love interest.


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