Monday Night Results:October 12th,2020*

Miz and Morrison were out next and made fun of the New Day who were split up recently and Heavy Machinery, who also had a painful break up. They called out their guests, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

Miz tried to rile up Dana against Mandy before mentioning that they will face each other in the Battle Royal later. They were okay with facing each other before Lana and Natalya interrupted them.

They two teams took verbal shots at each other before a brawl broke out and Lana and the B.O.A.T were sent outside the ring.

Dana and Natalya started the match off and Mandy was tagged in early who took control of the match after Dana failed to do so. Mandy and Dana hit a double team and kept Lana from getting the tag but Dana was dropped hard by the B.O.A.T.

Lana tagged in and she and Dana yelled a lot before Mandy was back in to hit a knee strike and then another double team senton, letting Dana pick up the easy win on RAW.

Tamina and Jax stared each other down and Nia ended up eliminating Tamina. Kay was trying to eliminate Jax as well but Billie ended up being thrown outside. Asuka was on commentary rooting for Dana and Mandy but they were both eliminated on RAW.

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